Which sector is right for you?

Here in the UK we are very lucky to have a wide range of treatment options available that can fight breast cancer. Not only do we have the NHS at our disposal, but we also can be treated privately if we like. Figuring out which to use can be confusing. That’s why this page will give you a few pointers to help anyone understand what you can get from each option.


- Networking. Always think of the NHS as one massive hospital all connected by a network. You can be treated almost anywhere in the country within a few miles of where you live.

- Free. NHS hospitals don’t expect you to pay a penny (unless you’re a tourist of course). Many hospitals can even refer you on to a private specialist, without you having to pay for the luxury.

- Range of treatments. With hundreds of hospitals across the country, you know certain buildings are going to have other treatment facilities that some don’t. A negative to this of course though is that a clinic might be hundreds of miles away in an inconvenient location for someone to easily get to.


- Access to drugs that aren’t available on NHS due to their price, power or age (private clinics are always using new drugs after they’ve been tested, without having to go through the clearance process the NHS has in place)

- Access to treatment in a ‘familiar’ setting. It’s a big thing in the United States for cancer clinics to feel more homely, and private cancer hospitals in the UK are now following that example. The different look helps to get rid of the negative feelings and provide a level of comfort you wouldn’t get in a hospital.

- Personalised treatment. Many private clinics cater their treatments on a personal basis. So while a public hospital might need you in location x at a stated time, a private hospital would work around timetables to your needs.

These are just a few of the main reasons for both public and private breast cancer treatment. If you’re ever affected by breast cancer, then only you’ll know the beast avenue to go down in terms of treatment without hopefully having to feel too stressed out about it.