Useful Links for Breast Cancer

Becoming educated about breast cancer is very important. Finding the right level of resources can be confusing. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the best links out there for finding about different aspects of what is a common and treatable illness. Here are just some of the most important breast cancer sites in the UK.

Breast Cancer Reading List

If you’re looking for very in depth material on breast cancer, this page on the Cancer Research UK site will fill you in on some of the more important books to consider reading. It covers everything from breast screening to handy guides on how to tell children what breast cancer is.

The LOC London

One of the UK’s leading Oncology treatment centres. With world class specialists in all fields from Breast Cancer to Thyroid Cancer.

NHS Breast Check

A helpful page of what to look out for when checking your breasts, as well as a video detailing what happens during a mammogram.

Breast Cancer News

If you’re looking for a better gauge of just how prevalent breast cancer is on our country, just look at the number of news stories The Guardian has based on the subject almost every day.